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Excel Intermediate Course

Course Overview

Excel is considered the No.1 software used in the workplace and has a wide range of applications. As a result, it cannot be ignored. The Assistant Accountant, Financial Accountant, Management Accountant, Business Analyst, Finance Manager and Financial Controller work closely with Excel every day. How quickly and efficiently you can get your work done depends largely on your Excel skills. According to feedback from several industry professionals, proficiency in Excel skills allows for recognition by colleagues and supervisors and can also lead to promotion opportunities.

Ecare offers exclusive Excel courses with varying degrees of difficulty: intermediate and advanced. In the Ecare intermediate course, we will teach you how to use the Excel Toolbars, how to navigate the software when multiple workbooks are being used, how to use COUNT, PMT, IF and other basic formula skilfully. We will also teach you to sort through data effectively and efficiently. Our instructors have several years of experience working for some of the biggest companies in their industries – they combine their theoretical and practical knowledge to provide the best education for our students.


4 Hours * 2 Sessions

Sydney | Melbourne | Online

Corporate Intermediate Position (Large Company) Package:

Fundamental+AA+Excel Intermediate+SAP for All-rounder (Bonus:One-to-one Service + Workshop Voucher)

Save $800

Corporate Intermediate Position (Small&Medium-sized Company) Package:

Fundamental+AA+Excel Intermediate (Bonus:One-to-one Service + Workshop Voucher)

Save $400

Summer Career Preparation Package:

Fundamental+AA+Excel Intermediate (Bonus:One-to-one Service + Workshop Voucher)

Save $400

Course Structure

Session 1 – Introduction to Excel overall structure, essential shortcuts and formulas

• Essential functions: SUM, MIN, MAX, COUNT, PMT, IF, etc.
• Useful calculation tools: AutoSum, AutoFill, etc.
• Cell adjusting and formatting, columns & rows managing
• Creating templates and customizing toolbars

Session 2 – In-depth knowledge of working with multiple spreadsheets and data management

• Create formulas: BODMAS, References, Linking multiple workbooks
• Working with large worksheets: Freeze panes, printing large worksheets
• Sorting data and customizing work sheets: Maintaining, sorting and filtering data, customize filters
• Auditing your worksheets and functions: spell check, tracking errors, data validation.

Course Cycle

2-weekend study, 8-hour study in total

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