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Course Overview

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), is an internationally recognized financial investment practitioners’ professional qualification, offered by the American Financial Analyst Association (CFA Institute) which was founded in 1963


Here’s what you’ll need to apply for CFA Institute regular membership:


  • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent education/work experience
  • A passing score for the CFA Level I Exam or the self-administered Standards of Practice Examination
  • 48 months of professional work experience in investment decision making
  • 3 professional references
  • Local CFA Society membership. (CFA Society membership is optional but strongly encouraged.) Join a CFA Society.

CFA has been regarded as the MBA of the financial investment industry. Those practitioners who aim for a position in financial investment industry will benefit greatly from a CFA qualification.


  • The CFA Level 1 Exam Tutorial focuses on investment assessment and management tools and factors. It includes an introduction to asset valuation and portfolio management skills. (Twice a year, in June and December respectively)
  • The CFA Level 2 Exam Tutorial focuses on asset valuation and its application of tools and factors. It includes economic, financial statement analysis and quantitative analysis. (Once a year, held in June)
  • The CFA Level 3 Exam Tutorial focuses on portfolio management, including strategies for applying factors and tools. It also looks at asset valuation models for individual or institutional management of stock securities, fixed income securities, derivatives and alternative investments. (Once a year, held in June)


Each stage of the CFA consists of a large amount of information to be learned and a wide range of skills to be mastered and applied. To help our students gain a comprehensive understanding of the course material, we have a successful senior analyst from the industry come in as a guest teacher to share their accumulated experience over the years. They shed clarity on what parts of the exam to focus on and provide an in-depth explanation of the scope of the examination.


By analyzing the structure and characteristics of the CFA examinations, ECARE identifies the common mistakes of test-takers and provides exclusive insight into the examination for our students. We strive to complete our tutorials in the shortest possible time and coach you in effective learning methods that will help you pass the examination with flying colours.


(Including CFA Revision Workshop)
4 Hours * 16Sessions

Sydney | Melbourne | Online

CFA Revision Workshop (4 Hours*2 Session)


Course Structure

Session 1,2 – Ethical & Professional Standards, Portfolio Management

Session 3,4 – Quantitative Methods

Session 5 – Economics

Session 6,7 – Financial Reporting and Analysis

Session 8,9 – Corporate Finance

Session 10,11 – Equity Investments

Session 12,13 – Fixed Income Investments

Session 14 – Alternative Investments and Derivatives

Session 15,16 – Review

Course Cycle

10 Weekends Study, 64 Hours in total

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